Focus of the colleges has been to build a foundation of conceptual skills. Industry on the other hand looks for proven experience in application of knowledge. The global economic crisis of the past few years has further heightened the expectation on the assignment readiness of the talent. Simply put, the organizations just do not want to invest their precious time and dollars in training raw talent to productive and billable roles. Naturally the smarter resources who invest in themselves and mature to assignment readiness would have greater appeal to prospective employers and make their profile attractive and even stand out in current soft job market.

Assignment readiness goes beyond equipping oneself in industry demand technological capabilities. The raw talent needs to make a transition from college to industry life. Aspire bridges such gaps in technological capability as well as behavioral capabilities of the fresh talent and make them a compelling choice for the employers. Given that our entire model is a B2B model aligned to our recruiting partners needs, the talent transformation from raw graduate to assignment ready talent is focussed and customized for the partner needs. This translates into almost 100% success rate in employment and even beyond into fast track career. Well over a thousand candidates are enjoying rewarding careers, many of them earning significantly higher than their batch mates who have taken campus jobs.

We even help experienced talent to transform their careers with relevant value addition and targeted career breaks.Such programs offer a step change in the career and earning potential.


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” Aspire value addition is so good that I got a 4 month waiver in training period and am on the actual assignment from day one…”
Siresha with KPIT Cummins, Mumbai


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