Q: Training is core to us and is a differentiator in our talent management.

Our program helps in clearly segmenting the company centric and the expertise centric talent development. Our customer partners typically have an overlay of short internal induction program on top of our talent development program to bring in their respective company specific inputs.
Unlike traditional B2C training institutions, Aspire has a pioneering B2B model that gives significant opportunity for companies to custom source, develop and transform the talent as per their respective technical and cultural needs. We actively encourage embedded participation from the companies to achieve such core benefits.

Q: Do we end up compromising on the input quality of students in the off campus model?

No. Aspire can source to your specifications. Given the demand challenges, there are plenty of candidates in the market from good colleges with strong academic records. In fact several of these candidates may have existing offers from one of the leading SIs with a deferred joining date.
Aspire has proven capability of sourcing diamonds in the rough and transforming them to high performing professionals.

Q: How will Aspire ensure a diverse talent pool?

Gender diversity is given in Aspire process. We can source the talent nationally or as per specification of each customer and deploy.

Q: We made significant investments in our training facilities and teams.

Significant part of savings with Aspire comes from out of pocket and variable expenses of the company. The savings from Aspire model will be substantial even if some of the existing investments cannot be redeployed.

Q: What are the minimum batch sizes for Aspire engagements?

Minimum batch sizes depend on the nature of technology and other factors like extent of customization. Aspire can work with you to custom develop programs for you taking into consideration your needs and priorities.

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” Aspire value addition is so good that I got a 4 month waiver in training period and am on the actual assignment from day one…”
Siresha with KPIT Cummins, Mumbai