Colleges are at an inflection point with respect to their role in meeting student and employer expectations. Industry is clearly expecting relevance of education to their needs expecting the college to deliver application capability not just knowledge. Students expect better employability and investments for sustainable career progression. Current global economic challenges leading to softened recruitment market is accentuating the above needs.
Aspire with its pioneering talent transformation model aligned to industry needs, can help colleges bridge the talent gap and serve both industry and student community.

Our associates are enjoying rewarding careers in


" Aspire taught us how to learn. While we learnt several BI tools in the intense program with Aspire, the job demand was for a new open source BI tool. I could get to assignment readiness in just 4 days on this tool. I am now on my first project within days of joining Dell. "

Reddy Manikanteshwara with Dell

"It is rare for a fresher to get into advanced technologies like LifeRay. Most of my batch mates are in support assignments. Where as I am in exciting projects in LifeRay. Within one year of my joining, I am on an assignment to US."

Pragyanjit from Zensar

" With Aspire, I was not a cell in the excel sheet. There was lot of personal attention and ownership to my success. I got an exciting assignment within days of completing the course. I even got a 4 month waiver on my training period thanks to the learning with Aspire."

Spandana KPIT Cummins

" Aspire value addition is so good that I got a 4 month waiver in training period and am on the actual assignment from day one..."

Siresha with KPIT Cummins, Mumbai


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