Hiring lateral talent in good volume is turning out to be time consuming, expensive and unpredictable. Aspire talent management solution offers the benefit of  custom sourcing and developing talent to meet your talent needs.
Under this model, Aspire will jointly work with you in understanding your talent needs, identifying relevant sourcing and development opportunities and develop a custom plan for sourcing, development and deployment.
The model lends to several creative options for relevant talent sourcing and development. Java to Advanced Java, Generic BI to specialized BI, Development to ERP are among the several possible options.



With a strong track record of lateral talent sourcing, Aspire can deliver end to end talent requirements performing to SLAs. With RPO or dedicated recruitment program investments and innovative talent sourcing models, Aspire can deliver cost effectively meeting your talent sourcing standards.
With a consulting approach, we can custom design your talent sourcing options with a good mix of lateral talent, lateral reskilled talent and entry level talent.